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Back to Fecund Work Gainfully on the Nederlands Effect Revolution

Obviously, this is a work in progress:


            There is a direct relationship between well-being—including highly empirical indicators such as life-expectancy—and equality. The work of Richard Wilkinson [of Nottingham  U in UK and The Equality Trust] shows with astounding [conviction] veracity that societies that have greater equality among their inhabitants have happier and healthier residents. The Nederlands confirms this discourse. Thus the Nederlands’ high levels of social success—which I have argued have to do mainly with the Dutch inhabitants skill in the realm of pleasure—also correlate to [and arguably are caused by] their focus on a variety of integrally connected conditions, including cultivating as much equality as possible among their citizens. Ironically, Holland has a royal family but one wonders how much criticism one can level against this seemingly anachronistic fact. Actually, [ironically] the Nederlands along with the Scandinavian countries [and the UK] even though they have monarchies [review] {constitutional monarchies/ a constitutional monarchical system} [rank] have ranked perennially in the top 5 [10 review trends over time] of countries with happiest citizens [esp children]  and in terms of standards of living/a variety of indicators of well-being—far above the notoriously proud republic of USA which constantly touts its democratic ideals in public discourse etc—since ___ (per UN studies etc.). Even the UK, another constitutional monarchy, consistently ranks higher than America—it’s once rebellious offshoot—in a variety of areas of well-being. Perhaps equality does not suffer overall in the context of responsible constitutional monarchies. [room for further inquiry, look for specific research on attitudes towards monarchy in Nederlands and more otherwise highly egalitarian societies that are also constit monarchies. What are arguments, if any offered, for why equality seems to thrive more in constitutional monarchies than in a republic such as America—are nature of capitalism/business practices and/or culture of violence key differentiating factors? also {review podcast/transcript of 2011 BBC documentary which compared republican systems with monarchies etc and in which a pundit/prof argued that nature of election process proves more detrimental than good in republican system e.g.: “[last week I said that candidate x of my same party eats babies alive but actually what I meant to say is candidate x is not that bad, in fact I really like candidate x—no it’s actually candidate z from the opposing party in this general election that eats babies alive and pushes old ladies down stairs…and may have to do with need to build consensus in parliamentary system}]. Clearly, the Nederlands Effect of enjoying pleasure more consistently requires greater equality than found in many other countries, including the United States; in this way, per ancient wisdom, enjoyment of pleasure/happiness—though related to and sometimes seemingly a direct product of monetary wealth—does not necessarily come from having more money in a society or even as an individual. [Cite Sachs’ glass ceiling analogy:
            “happiness conference in Bhutan; ‘gross dom product is not a measure of well-being’ (Jeffrey Sachs) issues of social trust [prove key]; 3 senses of happiness: how are you feeling? Evaluate how feel about satisfaction in life [income matters but so does social support]; family/social connections [rising incomes have huge effect at low levels but after threshold proves unimportant] (BBC March or April 2012)’”]
In fact, per the example of the United States, the real issue is income distribution [, i.e. equality]; moreover, as Wilkinson shows, even wealthy citizens of countries [, including the US,] suffer from ills associated with large wealth gaps [perhaps cite BBC program of said title “The Wealth Gap”] such as: higher levels of drug use among privileged youth[,][and] higher levels of violence—including as victims of crimes [double check]....

[--> my September 2013 notes in Williams handbook PADF Academic PADF prizes PADF section in which I wrote about Nature needing/demanding human intelligence and experiences (individually and collectively) for the sake of us affording N a dynamic {vibrationally per M Theory and work of 't Hooft on Beables and Changeables, more at changeables though, and my own theory of object connected fecundity} coherence akin to biological glue for her amoral manifestations along the Easiest Possible Path)]


Addendum of another work in progress:

The Longest-Lasting, Best, Most Frequent, Healthiest, and Completely Orgasmic Sex
[including wherever PADF resides, currently close the sea]

The work of Paul Ainsworth Francis

            First and foremost, this is not a self-help book. Yes, I too like to influence people in the best way but that is not the sort of work I have found myself compelled to produce. The Longest-Lasting, Best, Most Frequent, Healthiest, and Completely Orgasmic Sex is an a priori—and at times experimentally—focused inquiry. It seeks to explore the spaces of enjoyment quite naturally associated with frequent, healthy, and orgasmic sex. Thus pleasure is our sine qua non guide.

Sexual pleasure, understandably associated with places such as Hedonism II, has much to teach us. Audaciously enough, because of the demanding nature of the union of forces encompassed in the phrase the longest-lasting, best, most frequent, healthiest, and completely orgasmic sex, it proves best like Jim Morrison suggested to begin within—with “a personal revolution, on an individual level.” Even a hermit can enjoy the longest-lasting, best, most frequent, healthiest, and completely orgasmic sex. The longest-lasting, best, most frequent, healthiest, and completely orgasmic sex is pure pleasure. The longest-lasting, best, most frequent, healthiest, and completely orgasmic sex is pure heaven. All you have to do is via a focus on the most pleasurable healthy and sane partnership(s)—yes, it sounds like a self-help book—get increasingly better beyond—and including—the best of the pleasures that you can imagine. This requires a scientifically and sociologically viable problem solving approach that integrates the importance of true power. [discuss true power and relationship avec anarchy and the absurd/absurdism/existentialism].
What is true power? Well it isn’t fake power; more veraciously, true power is an a priori concept of the highest and most important order. True power is the best solution to the problems that the greatest sociological minds, including Karl Marx and Max Weber, tackled with considerable skill in their work. True power, including dialectics [of Marx et al review/reresearch], simultaneously transcends and permeates the entire human experience. True power emerges most clearly via the fecund intersection of theory and practice, including the Eureka moments on the level of Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity with confirmation via the observations of {Hubble; rather: Ninety years ago, on May 29 1919, Sir Arthur Eddington led a expedition to test the new theory of gravity, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. (http://jcconwell.wordpress.com/2009/05/31/this-first-observational-proof-of-general-relativity/)--> review Greene’s work abt anthropomorhisms} [review], and as we return to the Most Frequent, Healthy, and Completely Orgasmic Sex, we find it as the natural companion to our instinct for enjoying sexual pleasure. On [a final] another exploratory sociological note, true power [takes] transforms the frustrated workers, bourgeoisie, and aristocracy of the excessively repressed modern world [and transforms them] into yogis with the cosmos within, enlightened enough to—via personal revolutions—discover their best well-being, including collectively beyond class, so via an increasingly classless/egalitarian society—conventionally in tune with the most excellent analysis of the Equality Trust and the Nederlands Effect Revolution; and better yet, [a kaizen-level process of] improvements building upon the best of the shamanic and traditions of peaceful and egalitarian indigenous people, including the Ciboneys and various tropical islanders. How does it do this? The emergence, including microorganisms on our bodies—which constitute __% (see TED biologist notes in Cuba book)—of mathematically viable sets self-select and self-arrange to produce results in line with the theory of Most True Association, integrally connected to true power.  [inc via the offline practice of Purposefully Driven Meditation]           … Via true power we can liberate the most consistently frustrating aspect of most people’s live—their levels of sexual satisfaction. Yes, the Most Frequent, Healthy, and Completely Orgasmic Sex is a revolutionary breakthrough in the best way. On a personal note, it is since consciously connecting my own sexual desires to the profoundly important influence of true power that I began my journey of enjoying the Most Frequent, Healthy, and Completely Orgasmic Sex. 


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An Experiment with Truth

A proof--we'll see for how long--of LTA: http://www.royal.gov.uk/ Paul Ainsworth Francis.